What people think of Underground®

It was at this very event a few years ago, when I spoke, that the idea for Awesomeness Fest was born. And that sparked the idea for Mindvalley Insights, which later would lead to Zentrepreneur.”


It’s one of two things I never ever ever, short of famine, fire or plague ever miss. It is so valuable to my business. The Speakers and presenters are phenomenal.”


Really  a lot of what you learn from the Underground is what’s going on in the future. The ah-ha moment is just learning from these guys what’s going to happen next and now you can use that knowledge in your business to be ahead of the curve.”


You get people who are doing very different things and have very different skill sets than the normal Internet experts that you know of or see at the other seminars.

Did You Miss Out On Underground®?

Underground 9 Was The Event Of The YEAR, With A Caliber Of Speakers Never Seen At Any Other Internet Marketing Seminar!

There’s a big reason the real players continue to show up and sell-out the Underground® year after year…

It’s because each one continues to get better and better. The Underground® 9 was the online marketing learning, networking, and deal-making event of the YEAR, giving attendees a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk in the shoes of the top Internet millionaire makers, and learn the secrets that are lining their pockets RIGHT NOW.

Attendees, who flew in from all four corners of the globe, all left the Seminar with the knowledge and confidence necessary to jump into ANY online business, in ANY industry and apply what they learned, for measurable increases in traffic, sales, and market share.

Unlike other marketing events, Underground® 9 speakers never come from the usual suspects of “get rich quick” players, but from real, money making businesses operating on the bleeding edge.

For A Limited Time You Can Get IMMEDIATE Access To Just About Every Last Scrap Of Tactical Intelligence That Was Revealed During The Entire Three Days

crowdshotSo if YOU were one of the MANY disappointed people who missed out on all of the remarkable profit secrets that were shared at Underground® 9, we have great news for you!

We filmed the entire 3-day event and now you can get immediate access to all the top secret presentations.

That’s right…

We recorded hour after hour of step-by-step Internet marketing strategies and tactics presented by the entrepreneurial geniuses who developed them.

We then had it professionally edited into a series of online video presentations that you can access with your computer in the next 5 minutes, and watch as many times as you want, to give your business the jump-start it needs!

Here’s The Complete Rundown Of Who You’ll Hear From In The Underground® 9 Videos

Keynote Speaker: Catherine Cook

CatherineCookCatherine co-founded MeetMe (formerly known as myYearbook) with her brothers Geoff and Dave in 2005 and has been reported on extensively by CNBC, MTV, ABC News, Fox News, CosmoGIRL, BusinessWeek, the San Francisco Chronicle, and CBS.

MeetMe is considered the public market leader for social discovery.  You’ll get to listen in as Catherine shares how MeetMe makes meeting people fun through social games and apps, and how they have monetized through both advertising and virtual currency. Every day, they help millions of people around the world make new friends whether on the web or their mobile phones. Committed to their mission – to build the leading social network for meeting new people.

Go Go Agent: Dan Roitman

Dan-RoitmanDan is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stroll, a Philadelphia-based e-commerce platform company that specializes in marketing educational products to consumers. In this presentation Roitman shares how he founded Stroll in his dorm room at the University of Maryland in 2000 and transformed it into a $80 million professionally managed organization with 166 employees.

His proof case is the Pimsleur Approach, a language learning program Stroll has made the second best-selling product in the market, after Rosetta Stone. Stroll’s core competency is its ability to cost-effectively market the product through an array of online channels with the use of sophisticated marketing analytics and optimization.

Go Go Agent: Stephan Aarstol

Stephan AarstolStephan founded Tower Paddle Board which was pitched on ABC’s Shark Tank and got Mark Cuban to invest $150,000 for a 30% equity stake, plus 1st right of refusal on funding any future business venture. After doing $250,000 in revenue in 2011, Tower went to do $1.5M+ in 2012 and has been listed in Forbes Magazine as one of Cuban’s best Shark Tank investments.

Tower was also listed in Entrepreneur magazine recently as one of the top 10 success stories in the history of Shark Tank.  Prior to launching the Tower brand, Stephan founded a number of leading niche eCommerce companies and helped develop the leading portal in the medical imaging industry. You’ll get to listen in as Stephan shares the secrets to landing a celebrity billionaire using SEO.

Go Go Agent: Dane Maxwell

DaneMaxwellAt age 22, after being scammed for $12,000, humiliated, broken, defeated, and left with $123 to his name, Dane created a 6 figure software product in less than 12 months from nothing in his parents basement. Oh and get this he didn’t come up with the idea on what to build, he didn’t spend any money on development, and he didn’t create the product himself.

Fast forward 7 years and Dane has repeated this formula over and over creating multiple successful products all without any initial ideas, funding, or development skill. Listen in as Dane teaches how to build a business backwards, even if you don’t have any idea, any money, or any experience in the industry.

Go Go Agent: Marcus Sheridan

Marcus-SheridanIn 2001 and fresh out of college, Marcus Sheridan stumbled across his first business with two friends and began installing swimming pools out of the back of a beat-up pickup truck. 9 years later, and with the help of incredible innovations through inbound and content marketing, Sheridan’s company overcame the collapse of the housing market and became one of the largest pool installers in the US and currently has the most visited swimming pool web site in the world.

With such success, in late 2009, Sheridan started his sales/marketing/and personal development blog—The Sales Lion, and has since grown the brand to be synonymous with inbound and content marketing excellence. You’ll get to see exactly how did it and learn how you too can have online marketing success while ignoring all the  stupid things the “Experts” say.

Go Go Agent: Marshall Wayne

Marshall-WayneAt age 25, Marshall was featured on the front page of The USA Today Money section, then CNN, LA Times, WIRED Magazine, and CNBC thanks to his creative use of webcam videos in the early days of Youtube. Using his knowledge of photography, video, CGI, and Photoshop, Marshall built a widely success International currency trading business.

Today, Marshall trains people to brand themselves like he has done, using strategies from his Icon Engineering Program. You’ll get a glimpse into the endless creative possibilities for your very own business as he share’s his fascinating story of success.

Go Go Agent: Joey Coleman

Joey-colemanJoey Coleman, As Chief Experience Composer at Design Symphony, Joey Coleman specializes in creating unique, attention-grabbing, branded customer experiences. From individual entrepreneurs/start-ups to multi-national entities, he’s worked to help shape the experiences of his clients’ customers into remarkable, game-changing interactions.

When Hyatt Hotels, the Save Darfur Coalition, Zappos, the World Bank, and NASA wanted to enhance their brand experience – they called Joey to help them think differently about engaging their audiences/customers. Prior to founding Design Symphony, Joey’s eclectic career saw him hold positions with the U.S. Secret Service, the White House, and the C.I.A. Hanging out with the spies at Underground 9 seemed like an appropriate fit and his The First 100 Days presentation didn’t disappoint.

Go Go Agent: Will Hamilton

Will-hamiltonWill Hamilton, After playing tennis in high school, college, and coaching “in real life,” Will decided there was a better way to teach tennis. At age 25 he built a green screen in his parents’ basement with his best friend and FuzzyYellowBalls.com was born.

Now the most popular instructional website in the world, Will’s videos have been viewed over 42 million times on Youtube. Will shares how he partners with professional tennis players such as the Bryan Brothers (winners of 12 Grand Slams and Olympic Gold at the 2012 London Games) to create tennis instructional products and how you can partner with offline professionals to build your online business.

Go Go Agent: Cameron Herold

Cameron-HeroldA lifelong entrepreneur who started his first company at age twenty one, the author is the former COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and was instrumental in growing the company from $2 million to $105 million in six years.

The key to his success: focus. Cameron is one of the most sought after business minds in North America. He’s reached a huge global audience though his educational and inspirational presentations to groups of CEOs & entrepreneurs on five continents and seventeen countries.

You’ll get an inside look at the Highs and Lows of CEO’s and how to build out a team to help build your own vision.


We’ve assembled some of the best real-world experts to share even more topic specific information on what matters most right now in super laser focused field reports. You’ll get their latest and best information straight from the trenches.


We’ve Also Got Social Media Spy vs. Spy

Just like the famous comic strip from MAD magazine with the two spies trying to blow each other up. Well, this is a real-world version of Spy vs. Spy with different agents chosen to outwit, out-think, out-perform each other on critical Social Media subjects.

And Then There’s Us

Inspector Yanik Silver


Listen in as I discuss the 13 Key Traits of the MOST Exceptional, Extraordinary and Enlightened Entrepreneurs

Chief AJ Roberts


AJ shares the key to it all when he talks about How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Pursue Your Ultimate Dreams

I also took another extraordinary step to make sure our guest presenters really lay their cards on the table

Just to provide even more incentive for each speaker to give you their absolute best and most useable information — I decided to really go out on a limb!

The audience was able to vote for the speaker who gave the most directly impactful information they could take straight to the bank. The winner was awarded ‘Top Underground Marketer of the year’ and got a nice trophy. Plus I put up a $10,000.00 check to go to their favorite charity. (THEY sure don’t need the money!)

Now I can tell you one thing for sure — most of these guys and gals are super competitive. That means, they all tried to outdo one another vying for “the crown.” And you’ll get the Underground Marketer of the Year’s winning presentation as part of these recordings.


This year, I decided that I wanted to get these marketplace domination secrets into your hands as quickly as possible, so rather than ship you a huge stack of DVDs, I decided to make all of the videos available in high definition online!

You’ll Get 10x Your Investment

Every person who attended Underground® 9 in person paid up to $3,495.00 just to walk through the door!

And that doesn’t include the price of the airfare, the cost of the hotel, and all of the other expenses that attendees incurred in order to be at this event. So all in, attendees paid, on average, $3,000.00 – $5,000.00, which they did gladly, because they knew they could make that money back with just a couple of the strategies they’d learn!

So based on that, you’d figure that getting this very SAME information in video format would be worth at least $2,500, right?

Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that the actual cost of the entire online video series is actually a extremely reasonable $997.

You’re Covered By My Big Bold Brassy Guarantee

There are a LOT of info products available out there that promise to help you build your business and earn a significant income — but rarely deliver — so you may be hesitant to give the Underground® 9 Videos a try.

That’s totally fair. I understand your need for caution…

So to put your mind completely at ease, I want you to know that your investment is fully protected by my 100% moneyback guarantee!

Simply claim your copy of the Underground® 9 Videos in the next five minutes, listen and watch all of the strategies and secrets contained for the next 90 days, taking as much action as possible in your very own business.

Then if you don’t think the videos helped build your business, let me know by the end of 90 days, and I’ll refund all of your money… no questions asked!

Limited Special Offer

So now you have a choice to make…

You can continue struggling on your own to plug the leaks in your marketing funnel… find the amount of traffic you need for higher profits… test and track for maximum conversions… use social media to build a “tribe” around your business… plus all of the other things you MUST do to succeed…

… but always be disappointed and frustrated with your lack of progress and results.

Or you can make an investment in your business, and get the help you need to enjoy hyper growth, from the Internet’s biggest “rain makers,” who will walk you through exactly what you need to do to model their success.

Order your digital copy of the Underground Online Seminar® 9, and start watching your blueprint to success immediately.




Need A Payment Plan? 6 Pay Options Are Available at Checkout.

If you’re running a business on the Internet — or even thinking about it — I could go on forever about why you need to claim these recordings but also make sure you absolutely don’t miss attending 2014’s Underground X (10th Anniversary) event.

But, here are just a few of the reasons…

  • If you need new and unconventional ways to get more cheap and free traffic to your website (and who doesn’t?) you need to download these videos and learn what is working TODAY.

  • If you want to learn the conversion tactics from websites that are absolutely killing it (I am talking 20x to 30x the industry average)

  • If you think there’s an untapped potential in the massive growth in social networks.

  • If you have never successfully bought profitable ads online then you are missing out on a ton of sales and you need to watch the recording of this event

  • If Google has become your nemesis, denying you the listings you need to dominate the ‘free traffic giant’ then you need to watch these videos

  • Even if you have yet to make a penny online and are still kinda confused as you sift through all the B.S. and scams, but know deep down that if you could just get the ‘right help’ you could make it happen… then you definitely need to watch these videos.

… And really I am just scratching the surface.

This is what attendees of the Underground® had to say…

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Need A Payment Plan? 6 Pay Options Are Available at Checkout.

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