Denver,Colorado | OCTOBER 14 -16, 2016

Sneak Away with the Proven Strategies These Practically Unknown “Underground” Entrepreneurs Use to Quietly Rule The Internet

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The legendary secret marketing intel event REBORN and TRANSFORMED…

Yanik Silver

Not a lot of people know this but…

Over a decade ago, on the back of a bar napkin, I jotted down the idea for the Underground Online Seminar® — A totally different kind of business conference where I’d invite all the ‘under-the-radar’ marketers and entrepreneurs quietly making a killing online to share all their best secrets on internet business growth.

And every year, for 10 straight years, I brought a new group of these internet trendsetters together to reveal their “in-the trenches” wisdom and expertise to raving (and sold out) audiences.

Their job; to take you behind the thick closed doors on what’s WORKING NOW on the Internet. And these successful entrepreneurs came together for 3 intense days to share and learn the most advanced online business strategies and tactics enabling them to outsmart the competition, maximize growth and stay well ahead of the technology curve.

The Underground Online Seminar® had become the online marketing learning, networking, and deal-making event of the YEAR and even named by Forbes as one of their “Top-10 Must Attend Conferences For Entrepreneurs”.

Participating attendees and presenters were truly the ‘who’s who’, including icons such as Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, Mike Faith, CEO of Headsets.com, Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy.com, Gary Vaynerchuk, author of “Crush it”, Jessica Jackley, co-founder of Kiva.org and so many others.

But it was all history when we retired it 2 years ago…or so I thought…

After Underground® 10 in 2014, I decided more of my time and focus had to be dedicated to Maverick1000, my global network of industry-changing entrepreneurs, and the new release of The Evolved Enterprise – an ambitious movement helping business become one of the biggest levers for good—while actually being good for business.

However, I was getting emails for months from people BEGGING me to bring Underground back.

If that was going to happen I needed a team who not only cared about Underground as much as I did, but also shared the values and ethics that I teach in Evolved Enterprise.

Yes, thats right Underground® is back!

…but this time, it’s a martini with a twist.

I’m teaming up with two Maverick1000 members, previous Underground contributors, my long-time friends and industry power couple, Dush and Terra Ramachandran, to bring back the Underground Online Seminar® in a totally new way.

…and that’s something Dush and Terra know all about from their Affiliate Management business The Net Momentum.

(Which is exactly why I tapped them to help me bring back Underground with all the integrity, passion, and white-glove treatment I got to see first-hand when they managed my affiliates for Underground X).

Focusing on building real connections has always been part of Underground’s unique mission, but this year, with this team, we are poised to be the MI6-like hub of underground agents and stealth entrepreneurs in ways you can’t even yet conceive…

…you seriously do not want to miss this.

Dush & Terra Ramachandran

That’s right, Mr. and Ms. Smith – dust off your tux and gown because it’s time to get back to business.

The Underground is BACK – In Black!

But like Yanik mentioned, this time, we’ve got a twist for you…

…This isn’t the same old Underground of yester-year…

…nope…we’re bringing you the Underground of TODAY!

Now if you’re an Underground alum, like us, don’t worry…we’re still keeping the parts of Underground we all came to love for a decade…

…the rarely seen expert marketers (see this year’s FULL speaker list here!)…

…the high-level connections…

…and the extraordinary experiences that create shared memories and lasting relationships.

But its no secret…

There are 3 unavoidable truths about today’s internet marketing events that REQUIRED us to shatter expectations and bring back Underground with a new approach…

Truth #1

Online marketing has changed since Yanik first launched the Underground back in 2004.

You see, back then, the problem he wanted to fix was that…

…no one was sharing real, in-the-trenches information on how to make money online.

Sure, there were plenty of conferences…

…but they were pitchfests…

…and too many of the so-called “experts” were people who had only made money online by selling “how to make money online” products.

It was a joke…

…and beyond frustrating for the true digital entrepreneur who was trying to build a real business online, selling a real product or service.

So Yanik fixed all that.

Underground brought speakers to the stage who were quietly making a fortune online…

…and they told the audience exactly how they were doing it.

In fact, many of the “gurus” of today, like Jeff Walker and Jeff Johnson, were on the Underground stage before anyone knew who they were!

(Check out this year’s incredible group of stealth digital entrepreneurs here!)

It was exactly what the industry needed.

But today, things are different. The pitchfest model has been retired by all but the laggards of the industry.

And conference leaders know that the men and women in this space have gotten smarter…

…they expect meaty intel from real experts…

…and they can smell a fake guru a mile away.

The online marketing industry is now flooded with good conferences…

…and that’s a good thing.

But the problem with that is…

Truth #2

Today’s conferences are massive…
…and generic as a bad marketing email!

We’ve all gotten them…

…Terrible marketing missives where the subject line sounds new and exciting, but as soon as you open them, the contents are always a near carbon copy of an email you’ve already seen.

And, sadly, it’s no different with Internet Marketing mega-conferences these days.

If you go to a lot of events, like most of us do in this industry, it’s easy to forget which one you’re at – they all feel the same, look the same, and run the same way.

…A different sign gets slapped on the conference room door, but other than that, you’re left with deja vu from the last conference you attended…

…like, “Haven’t I been here already?”

Let’s be real:

Aren’t you sick of walking into a cavernous hotel and feeling the cold, self-serving hustle of the event?

And that’s before you even make your way down the winding web of hallways to the overly air-conditioned conference center…

…to sit in a huge conference room, squished in with hundreds or even thousands of other attendees, listening to speakers on a grand stage talk at you…

During the lunch breaks, you go to a crowded restaurant where everyone is trying to squeeze in at the same time. If you’re not one of the lucky ones who get to the restaurant first, you’re probably not making it back to the conference on time.

…And in the evening, the bar feels like an ant pile…with marketers on top of marketers.

Too often, the guy you’re talking to has one eye on you and the other eye scanning the room to see if there might be anyone more “important” he should be talking to.

Even people who peg the needle on the extrovert scale have to bring their A game to these events.

And if you’re even slightly down the spectrum towards introvert, forget about it – today’s industry events will get you and your business NOWHERE.

And here’s the final rarely mentioned truth many choose to ignore…

Truth #3

Today’s conferences are run by ‘Platforms’…

…What I mean by Platforms are companies like CRMs, shopping carts, SaaS providers, infrastructure, online learning platforms, etc. And they all definitely have agendas.

Now, don’t get us wrong- we love many of these companies and even use some of them in our own business.

We even go to their events!

But the fact is, the ultimate goal of most of these events is to bring in more customers to the Platform.

The event is part of the sales funnel.

And because that’s their goal, they can’t bring in outside speakers or competitors who have fresh ideas and broad perspectives.

It’s like this…

…if a company is trying to make you a customer, or keep you as a customer, they have an agenda to only highlight experts and tools that run on their Platform.

It simply doesn’t make sense for them to put people on their event stage who aren’t part of their company, don’t use their Platform, or who have a competing product.

And that means we, the audience, don’t get the best of the best.

That’s why we’re bringing Underground back.

We believe the online marketing industry needs an independent event…

…an event where the only agenda is to give you the best of what’s working now across the entire internet marketing industry; not just a slice of it.

It’s time for a change.

We’re done with mega-conferences and corporate events…

We need something smaller…something more intimate…something that feels exclusive, relaxed, and authentic…

…a place where you can actually get your questions answered about your business…

…and an environment that fosters real learning and genuine connections.

That’s why we’re bringing you the new Underground…the Underground Secret Society.

Yet before we can disclose any more about this secret society… we need to first tell you a little known tale…

Have you ever heard of the Inklings?

They were a small band of authors, headed up by C.S Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, who met in the back room of a shadowy pub in England, called the Eagle and Child.

Within the secret walls of that dimly lit room, they would read their new works aloud and daringly test their ideas against the brilliance and sharpness of their fellow authors.

The risk was great for the reader in the hot seat…

…the new book he’d toiled away on for weeks or months may disintegrate before his very eyes,as his peers poked holes in the story and brought poorly developed characters to light…

…but on the other hand, he could get confirmation that the seemingly crazy idea he was working on wasn’t so crazy after all, and was in fact, totally genius.

Great works, like ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’ and the ‘Lord of the Rings’ were first revealed within these intimate and clandestine walls…

…wild little seeds that were planted by Lewis and Tolkien that they nurtured, massaged, and shaped with the help of their trusted peers.

That simple but ingenious process – of connecting with and getting feedback from their gifted colleagues – led to the spellbinding works that we know today that have sold millions upon millions of copies each.

This group created an intimate, highly collaborative environment full of experts sharpening each other’s skills…

…an environment that rewards connection, sharing expertise, and risk-taking and generates nearly unfathomable sales results.

And that is exactly the kind of environment you’ll be a part of at Underground 2016.

Mission Details:
Heres what
to expect…

Cunning Speakers With Covert Tactics

If you’ve been to Underground, or even if you’ve just heard the legendary stories, you know the event became famous for bringing true “underground” digital entrepreneurs to the stage to share their multi-million dollar sales tactics with the audience.

Most people had never heard of these online marketers, yet they were the ones who were quietly ruling the internet…

…And that’s a tradition we’re proudly continuing with the Underground Secret Society.

Yet, at this year’s Underground, we’re pushing it a little farther…

Take a look at just 2 of the experts we have lined up to on the topic of Direct Response Digital Marketing:

First up, you’ll get up close and personal with Byron Walker, a man whose promising first career in Real Estate burst with the 2008 bubble only to turn it all around when he stumbled onto the way to leverage his ecommerce stream to the tune of $5M per year selling pithy $20 products.

Here’s the kicker – he’s not on Amazon, most of his products are about $20, and he’s still the 800 pound gorilla in his niche.

Now, at $20 a pop, Byron’s selling some serious volume to get to Five Million dollars in sales…and he’s going to give you the low down on exactly how he does it.

You’re also going to hear from Jake Larsen who quit his day job after Google asked him to be a YouTube Marketing Ambassador.

Yeah, you heard that right – Jake caught Google’s attention with his “side gig” of creating YouTube ads and effective marketing videos.

Jake’s going to show you how you can turn your YouTube “views” into paying customers by “hacking YouTube advertising.”

We’re not talking about viral videos…we’re talking about guaranteed results where you spend $1 on ads, and generate up to $7 in sales.

That ROI, alone, is worth your cost to be at Underground!

Imagine: All that intel from only 2 of our speakers on just 1 key topic!

…Just think how much game-changing marketing info you’ll get from our full lineup!

In addition to Direct Response Marketing, e-commerce, and YouTube advertising, you’ll be having intimate conversations with our cover ops on topics like

  • the history and future of online marketing with industry veterans Jimmy Sweeney & Mike Dillard.
  • creating memorable Brands, Launches, and Membership Sites with Dmitriy Kozlov & James Guldan
  • Harnessing the power of predictive social intelligence with Melinda Wittstock
  • Choosing reliable and profitable Tools, Technologies, and Automation Tactics with Brett Fogle & Daniel Miller
  • Innovative Content Marketing tricks that produce ROI like magic with Jeff Vacek
  • …and more!

Even better, our they’ll all be giving you the goods on how you can bring in more sales using tactics that are working today.

Needless to say, the marketers we’re bringing to you at this year’s Underground pack more BOOM for your business than a stolen shipment of nukes!

Just listen to what previous Underground attendees say about the information unveiled only at this event:

Underground Testimonials


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what you can expect to get when you come to Underground, Back in Black…

Moore Than Ever Before

You see…

Not only are we bringing together these exceptional entrepreneurs to share their secrets like Underground always has…

…this year we want to give you access to deeper, more meaningful conversations -we’re calling them our Underground Breakthrough Sessions- about the topics that affect YOU and your business deeply…

Because the truth is, the industry is very different today than it was when Yanik first launched the Underground over 12 years ago.

Back then, Internet marketers faced just one main problem. But today’s Digital Entrepreneurs have to tackle 3 in order to be successful…

Challenge #1

Making Money.

The original challenge. This is the one we were all focused on (to the exclusion of everything else) back in the early days of Internet Marketing.

How do we get traffic? How do we turn visitors into buyers? How do we create a funnel that maximizes profits?

But times have changed…

…and a lot of us have figured out how to make money online.

We’ve gotten pretty good at creating products, writing copy, driving traffic, converting visitors to buyers, and frankly…

…Making a boatload of money in the process.

And while it’s important to keep our marketing skills sharp and fresh…

…(which is why we’re continuing Yanik’s tradition of bringing those cutting edge “underground” marketers to the stage)…

…learning the latest tactics for making money online isn’t the only thing we need anymore.

In fact, it’s only one third of the game in today’s world!

And here’s the dirty little not-so-secret secret…

…most of us are pretty awful at the other two-thirds.

Truth be told, we’re downright terrible at them!

Thing #1 we’re terrible at?

Challenge #2

Building A Business.

Most of us don’t know how to do it.

We know, we know…you’re making a pant-load of money with your offer…

…but here’s a News Flash: a revenue stream (even a good one) is not a business.

When we say ‘building a business’, we’re talking about something you can sell for a hefty multiple

…or something that can be a true lifestyle business, where you do only the parts you like and none of the stuff you don’t like…

…or something you can hire a management team to run for you, while you collect the cash and write that book that so desperately wants to leap out of your soul.

In order to build that kind of business, you have to know how to scale…and manage cash flow… and build repeatable processes… and source, hire, train, grow, and retain good people…

…and that’s why we’re adding a new element to Underground…

Underground Business Strategy

In addition to those “underground” marketers, we’re bringing speakers to the stage who can help you build a real, solid, and sustainable business…

…not one where the survival of the business depends on how well your next launch goes…

…or one that’s based on you being in it 24/7…

…or one that grinds to a screeching halt when you’re sick or on vacation or just want a break.


You’ll learn from experts like Garrett Gunderson, who’s a genius at simplifying the subject of money.

He’s going to show you some easy, but little known secrets, for keeping more of the money you make.

…It’s stuff that most entrepreneurs completely miss…but it’s easy to implement and has a big impact on the cash that goes in your pocket each month.

He’ll also expose some hidden areas that silently suck cash out of most businesses, and he’ll show you how to plug the holes.

You’ll also hear from Dan Martell, a Silicon Valley alum turned Internet marketer who’s mastered the art of getting other people to run his businesses for him.

Would you like to hire a CEO for your business? A COO? A VP? Those people are hard to find, and even harder to keep…

But Dan’s done it multiple times and he’ll be sharing his personal system with you.

(Hint: His process for finding A players is pretty sneaky…but pure genius!)


Look, you already know how to build an offer.

We’re out to help you build a business.

A business that can thrive without you… and that gives you the freedom to do what you do best…


Isn’t that why you became an entrepreneur in the first place?

Sure, you chose to be an Internet entrepreneur for the freedom, the reach, and the money…

…but you chose to be an entrepreneur because you wanted to create.

Ahhh…the joy of creating something meaningful…

…Something that comes from your soul and delights your customers…

…Something that makes your clients and customers say, “Thank God you exist!”…

…Something that feeds the voice that whispers, “You matter! You make a difference!”

We forgot about all that in this industry when the money started pouring in…

…and we started focusing on opt-in rates, heat maps, open rates, and conversions…

…it got all science-y and technical and mechanical…

…like cogs in a wheel…

…and even if we enjoy parts of that – the analysis and the problem solving…

…we lost sight of the part that fed our soul to begin with…

Which leads us to the other aspect we’re terrible at in this industry…

Challenge #3

Building a life.

…a successful life…
…a meaningful, joyful, and fulfilled life…
…a connected life.

As we grew up as an industry, we got really good at creating offers and making money…

…and we bought the car
…we got the house
…we stayed in the 5 star hotels
…we bought the Rolex
…and the Manolos

And now we’re waking up and finding that everything we thought would make us happy and secure and successful and fulfilled…Didn’t.

Instead, we feel isolated…lost…disconnected…

…and worst of all…

…we’re not even sure if we matter.

That’s why we’re adding a third element to Underground…

The Underground Mental Game

Because here’s what we’ve learned in our decade and a half in this industry…

…after watching hundreds of launches and millions of dollars being made…

…the only men and women who feel truly successful and fulfilled in this industry are those who remembered to build a connected life, while they built their business.

We would be doing you a complete disservice if we only taught you the latest, sharpest marketing tactics and business building strategies…

…because we know it all means nothing unless you’re winning the mental game.

And to win the mental game, you have to understand a lot more than business and conversions and traffic and copy and cash flow…

You have to understand the hardest thing of all…


You have to understand your energy and your brain and your superpowers and your kryptonite…

You have to be crystal clear on your definition of success…

…not the world’s definition, or your friend’s definition, or your competitor’s definition, or your idol’s definition, or your sweetheart’s definition…

Your definition.

Because the surest path to misery, disconnection, and despair is when we chase someone else’s definition of success, get what they got, and find (years later) it’s not what we wanted at all…

…All because we never took the time to figure out what we wanted…

…what we truly wanted.

…You know, the stuff that makes us feel ALIVE!


Sheevaun Moran


Aline Hanle

That’s why we’re bringing in experts like, Sheevaun Moran and Aline Hanle to give you strategies for fanning the flame in your soul…

… all while you’re dealing with the sometimes soul-sucking, everyday trappings of your business.

Because here’s the deal: if you let the flame in your soul blow out, your business (and your life) will go up in smoke…

In fact, we feel the mental game is such an essential part of success for Digital Entrepreneurs…

…(and one that a lot of us in this industry are missing)…


…we’re bringing in Philip McKernan, as our Day 3 keynote and last talk of the entire conference.

Philip is a world-renowned personal development coach who’s shared the stage with the likes of the Dalai Lama…so we’re not messing around here.

He’s also the author of “Rich On Paper, Poor On Life”, and he’ll be sharing the priceless lessons and wisdom he’s learned from coaching hundreds of business owners and executives who got everything they wanted…

…and still felt empty.

After Philip’s talk, you’ll know exactly how to access the courage and clarity within to stay on your path to fulfillment and success…

…even when the outside world is dangling a shiny object in front of you… tempting you to follow a different path, and saying your path sucks.

And after 3 days of getting new ideas, strategies, and advice…

…not just from the speakers, but also from your fellow attendees…

…you’re going to want a way to sift through all of that information and distill it down to the ones that are right for you, right for your business, and right for your life.

That’s why you need Philip, and that’s why he’ll be our spectacular grand finale, closing out an amazing and transformational 3 days.

(Wanna see the whole lineup? Check it out here!)


You thought we were done, right?! Not even close!

Make no mistake:

This year’s stage will not only be filled with a barrage of covert online entrepreneurs, business strategists, and personal development savants…

…in traditional Yanik fashion…

…we’re also bringing you the wisdom of 2 incredible business icons!

Kimbal Musk, renowned entrepreneur, phenomenally successful early investor, and brother of Elon Musk, will be giving our opening keynote address!

…If you’re coming to Underground to learn from the top people who have harnessed the power of the Internet…making millions of dollars while following their passion and giving back to the world…then it hardly gets better than Kimbal Musk.

Here’s why:

If you’ve got big dreams…
…(like “I’m out to change the world” kind of dreams)……
…and that dream requires leveraging the power of the Internet…
…then you don’t want to miss this talk from Kimbal Musk.

And if you think that’s exciting, as our Day 2 Keynote, we’re honored to bring you the one-and-only Brad Feld

If you follow the tech industry, then you’ve definitely heard of Brad…

…and if you haven’t, do yourself a favor and check out his wildly popular blogs, Feld Thoughts, Startup Revolution, and Ask the VC.

Brad has been an early stage investor and entrepreneur since 1987. His commitment to finding and investing in truly innovative, paradigm-shifting technologies has made him one of the most sought after angel and institutional investors in the world.

But here’s why you should care that he’s at Underground…

Brad is the co-founder of Techstars…and in case you haven’t heard…Techstars is considered one of the most successful start-up accelerators in the world for high-tech companies!

They’ve funded and mentored Internet phenoms like Placester, SendGrid, Localytics, and more.

Bottom Line: If you’d like to sell your Internet-based company one day for millions of dollars, Brad is the guy who can tell you how to get it done…and what you need to start doing today.

Countdown until price increase on Sept. 30th


“If I was running any type of business today that needed to know where the Internet was heading and how I could profit online – I’d make sure me and my marketing team attended the Underground. Not only is the event packed with critical information to apply – but it’s a damn incredible experience!” –

Cameron Herold,
BackPocketCOO and former COO 1-800-Got Junk

Priceless Connections For Your Eyes Only

Ok, so the speaker line-up sounds pretty spectacular, right?

We haven’t even told you about the audience yet!

Every year, over 50% of the audience (not just the speakers!) has a six, seven or eight-figure+ online business…

This sets Underground apart as the perfect intimate setting for not only exchanging exclusive tactics, and untapped strategies…

…but also for getting to know other legitimately successful digital entrepreneurs…

Just one connection made at Underground could change the course of your business forever.

In fact, just one idea from the person sitting next to you (let alone the speakers!) could easily be worth 10X, 100X or even 1000X your time and effort to be here.

Not only are the presenters at the top of their game – but the Underground always attracts a top-level audience. Here are some stats from an anonymous survey we recently conducted of our attendees:


What is your level of online income per month?

40.5% over 6-figures
10.8% over 7-figures

This is your chance to connect with other in-the-trenches marketers who are quietly making a fortune online!

Don’t let the perfect connection your business needs get away simply because you didn’t show up!

“This conference is a “Must Attend!” if you’re a serious Entrepreneur looking for advanced marketing tactics and world class networking opportunities. I went to Yanik’s 1st Underground Seminar back in 2004 and met a guy that became my business partner. $25 million dollars later, the rest is history. Underground was my introduction to the industry and I have not looked back since!”

Chris Luck
Founder and CEO, Marketers Paradise

Countdown until price increase on Sept. 30th


And here’s the best part…we’re going to make it really fun and easy for you meet the other attendees!


(of the Dancing, Gin, and Plot varieties…)

At most conferences, you have to do the heavy lifting…

…you have to awkwardly walk up to someone, break into a conversation, and try to say something interesting…

…It’s totally unnatural and weird for everyone.

That’s why, at Underground, we create unique experiences that create genuine bonds, inspire authentic conversations, and build real relationships.

You’ll have fun connecting like never before at a networking Happy Hour with a twist, a VIP dinner opportunity, and a themed party.

It’s all in the interest of shaking things up, getting everyone out of their business comfort zone, and into a mindset of creativity and shared opportunity…

…so that YOU can make truly meaningful connections that will benefit your life and business for years to come!

Countdown until price increase on Sept. 30th


The Event Top Digital Entrepreneurs,
Like You, Rave About…

Want the inside scoop on what keeps Underground attendees coming back year after year?

Check out this Behind The Scenes Video:

The Legendary Event Continues…with an Incredible Upgrade

It’s true that Underground has always been known as one of the top networking and learning events for online entrepreneurs and was named by Forbes as a “Top 10 event for entrepreneurs”.

“The goal of the seminar is to keep attendees ahead of the curve on topics that include gamification, mobile commerce, apps, social media, SEO, and a variety of other digital marketing tactics. This is definitely the conference to go to for up-to-date tech news and trends.”

Listen: Anytime you attend Underground, you’ll walk away with foolproof guides and personal connections designed to make sure you can apply what you’ve learned for a measurable increase in traffic, sales, and market share as soon as you get home.

Yet this year’s additional focus on successfully wrangling your passion, people, and profits to build a real business WHILE building a real life promises a truly transformative Underground experience like never before.

And what’s more, right now, and not for much longer

You can upgrade your Underground experience EVEN MORE because…

…there are just 75 VIP Tickets available, and they’re going FAST.

These tickets are for entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making the most of this unparalleled opportunity to transform their businesses and connections.

When your successful friends in the industry say, “it’s all about who you know”, they’re talking about the people you’ll meet at Underground…

…so make sure you meet the folks who are really killing it online by going VIP.

On top of the already incredible benefits Underground provides to all attendees and participants, VIP Ticket holders can also expect exclusive access to:

VIP reserved front-row seating

These seats put you front and center so you can easily view and engage with everything happening on stage…

…and it also puts you in the best position for making contact with other VIPs throughout the event.

VIP connection lounge ONLY for Sponsors, Speakers, VIP ticket holders, and Maverick members.

This plush area is the perfect spot to build your network of high-level contacts over coffee and tea throughout the day…

…as well as do some reconnaissance and deal-making with real power players over a martini or two as it transforms to a bar in the afternoons.

VIP dinner

This dinner is the envy of entry-level agents each year. Always a swanky affair, the VIP dinner puts you in the close personal company of our esteemed speakers, partners, and our most dedicated and successful agent attendees.

(Keep in mind that all ticket types for this event sell out every year, but because of the limited quantity and HUGE perks, VIP tickets always sell out first…)

Remember: Just one new idea, new contact or new resource from the Underground could be the perfect solution to destroying the “spectres” that stunt the success your business deserves.


Let us put it to you this way…

Back in the early days of Internet Marketing, Underground was like going to college – if you went to Underground, it separated you from the jokers and the want-repreneurs. It meant you were serious about building a real business online.

If you’re coming to Underground today, it separates you from the scammers and the kids who are just in this business for the money.

Underground is for the adults of the industry – the true Digital Entrepreneurs; not the fly-by-night Internet Marketers.

If Underground is right for you, it means you’re out to make serious money by building a real online business that delivers incredible value to your customers…all while building a meaningful life for yourself and your loved ones, and making the world a better place in your own unique way.


We thought about this for a long time. We asked what would be a fair price be for 3 intimate days with the digital trendsetters, out-of-the-box Internet innovators, and the biggest players in the online space?

Collectively and conservatively the group we’ve assembled brings in over hundreds of millions in revenue online.

If you could pick up just a fraction of a fraction of this knowledge what would that be worth to you? And more importantly to put you in a small, colloquial setting that leads to real conversations and insights.

Actually the lowest number our colleagues once suggested was $10,000. And yes, we could charge and get this amount but then it would limit this information to only people who are already doing well and making at least seven-figures online.

We’ve decided to put these at more reasonable final values of $2,495 for a Standard Ticket and $2995 for a VIP Ticket…

At these investments, it separates the true Digital Entrepreneurs from the Internet Marketers.

Still, we understand it might be a stretch for some of you and as we have always been big believers in rewarding decisive action…

As an added incentive to register early we are willing to give you an additional discount today…

If the unbelievable speakers, events, and networking opportunities aren’t enough reason to buy a ticket for Underground right now, then check this out…

Incredible and Extremely Limited Early Bird Bonuses

(Only available until MIDNIGHT, Friday, September 30th, when the $500 Early Bird discount flies the coop.)

Early Bird BONUS #1

The Underground Epic Vault (sold here for $995) contains an archive of the best, most game-changing, and eternally relevant speaker presentations from Underground 1 through 10.

This stash of our most popular secret strategy presentations has been carefully curated to include all of the Underground presentations that will make you money today and none that have become outdated by our industry’s rapidly changing trends.

Imagine getting to virtually attend, (at your leisure,) every single Underground event for the past 10 years…

…This is a private treasure trove of knowledge and expertise that we’re giving away for free with your purchase of a ticket before prices go up on September 30th.

Early Bird BONUS #2

On top of that, we’re so confident that you’ll love your experience this year, that we’re willing to give you an automatic VIP upgrade (a $500 value) on your Underground 2017 standard ticket.

All you have to do is purchase a VIP ticket before the price change happens.

The Underground experience relies on the expertise and savvy of VIPs like you, and we want to reward you by bringing you back in style in 2017.

So, let’s do some quick math:

Bonus Value
Between the early bird discount $500
Free access to the Epic Vault $995
And your VIP upgrade to next year’s ticket $500

The bonuses alone are worth $1,995!

That means, if you buy a VIP Early Bird ticket today for $2,495, you basically already get 80% of your full money’s worth before the event even starts!

And even if you buy a Standard Early Bird ticket for $1,995 today, you STILL get the $500 discount and access to the Underground Epic Vault worth $995. We’re giving you 75% of the value back, just for buying your ticket today!

With this kind of value on the table, Underground tickets basically pay for themselves!

No matter what level ticket you buy, the BEST time to buy is RIGHT NOW. These bonuses are going away after the Early Bird discount ends at MIDNIGHT, Friday, September 30th.

SAVE $500.00!
Early-Bird Standard Ticket: $1,995
(final value $2,495)
Price Increases on Sept. 30th


Early-Bird VIP Ticket: $2,495
(final value $2,995)
Price Increases on Sept. 30th


In fact, this Early Bird discount is so good that when you buy a VIP Ticket right now you get all the exclusive VIP perks** at a better deal than what many others will soon be paying for a “perk-less” Standard Ticket when this discount ends!

Countdown until price increase on Sept. 30th

(** We’re talking about VIP reserved front-row seating, access to mingle over martinis in the otherwise off-limits VIP lounge, and a coveted seat at our intimate VIP dinner, all of which put you in the close personal company of our Speakers, Sponsors, VIP agents, and Mavericks – so don’t wait.)

Don’t get The Living Daylights scared out of you when ticket prices jump up by half a grand soon…

Listen, we can’t tell you how excited we are to work with Yanik to bring Underground Online Seminar ® back to our beloved digital entrepreneur community in a whole new way.

When Underground took a break after 2014, the industry lost something truly unique and special…

…an event that was centered on integrity, genuine connection, and delivering an exceptional experience…

…and those 3 things just happen to be at the heart of our company!

You might say, they’re part of our DNA…

…and it’s exactly why we jumped at the chance to bring this iconic conference back to the industry we love, with a fresh update for today’s Digital Entrepreneurs!

The Underground we’ve planned for you will have more exclusive information, untapped strategies, high-level networking, and incredible parties you’ll remember – plus so MUCH MORE.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Dush, Terra, and The Net Momentum Team
(a.k.a Q, the Femme Fatale, and Her Majesty’s Secret Service)