Denver,Colorado | OCTOBER 14 -16, 2016

Sneak Away with the Proven Strategies These Practically Unknown “Underground” Entrepreneurs Use to Quietly Rule The Internet

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A reboot bigger than Casino Royale…

Yanik Silver

Not a lot of people know this but…

Over a decade ago, on the back of a bar napkin, I jotted down the idea for the Underground Online Seminar® — A totally different kind of business conference where I’d invite all the ‘under-the-radar’ marketers and entrepreneurs quietly making a killing online to share all their best secrets on internet business growth.

And every year, for 10 straight years, I had brought a new group of these internet trendsetters together to reveal their “in-the trenches” wisdom and expertise to raving (and sold out) audiences.

Their job; to take you behind the thick closed doors on what’s WORKING NOW on the Internet. And these successful entrepreneurs came together for 3 intense days to share and learn the most advanced online business strategies and tactics enabling them to outsmart the competition, maximize growth and stay well ahead of the technology curve.

The Underground Online Seminar® had become the online marketing learning, networking, and deal-making event of the YEAR and even named by Forbes as one of their “Top-10 Must Attend Conferences For Entrepreneurs”.

Participating attendees and presenters were truly the ‘who’s who’, including icons such as Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, Mike Faith, CEO of Headsets.com, Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy.com, Gary Vaynerchuk, author of “Crush it”, Jessica Jackley, co-founder of Kiva.org and so many others. But it was all history when we retired it 2 years ago…or so I thought…

After Underground® 10 in 2014, I decided more of my time and focus had to be dedicated to Maverick1000, my global network of industry-changing entrepreneurs and the new release of The Evolved Enterprise. An ambitious movement helping business become one of the biggest levers for good—while actually being good for business.However, I was getting emails for months from people BEGGING me to bring Underground back.

If that was going to happen I needed a team who not only cared about Underground as much as I did, but also shared the values and ethics that I teach in Evolved Enterprise.

…this time, it’s a martini with a twist.

Yes, thats right Underground® is back!

I’m teaming up with two Maverick1000 members, previous Underground contributors, my long-time friends and industry power couple. Dush and Terra Ramachandran. to bring back the Underground Online Seminar® bigger and bolder than ever before.

We’re sick of boring, bloated, and tired summit formats. Too many conferences no longer strike what’s really at the heart of our industry:

Making truly invaluable connections, getting ‘first-to-know’ insider information, and building lasting business relationships…

…and that’s something Dush and Terra know all about from their Affiliate Management business The Net Momentum.

(And that’s exactly why I tapped them to help me bring back Underground with all the integrity, passion, and white-glove treatment I got to see first-hand when they managed my affiliates for Underground X).

Focusing on building real connections has always been part of Underground’s unique mission, but this year, with this team, we are poised to be the MI6-like hub of underground agents and stealth entrepreneurs in ways you can’t even yet conceive…

…you seriously do not want to miss this.

Dush & Terra Ramachandran

You just heard it from the horse’s mouth – that’s right, put your tux on because it’s time to get back to business. After 2-years of clandestine planning, the Underground Online Seminar® is back and better than ever!

When Yanik approached us with the idea of bringing Underground back to this community, we couldn’t have been more excited. Together with Yanik, we’re poised to bring you…

…an Underground experience that packs more BOOM for your business than a stolen shipment of nukes.

Your chance to meet and mingle with the Underground agents quietly dominating almost every niche online…

For over 10 years, Underground has been THE seminar for discovering high-level Internet Marketing secrets from real-world, in-the-trenches presenters who have been quietly making their fortunes online. As always, we’re bringing together these successful entrepreneurs for 3 intense (and always sold out!) days to share and learn the most advanced online business strategies and tactics enabling them to outsmart the competition, maximize growth and out-maneuver any risks posed by ever-changing technology.

Mission Details:
Heres what to expect…

Cunning Speakers With Covert Tactics

The secret to Underground’s unprecedented 10+ years of success is the quality of the recruits – these aren’t the same usual suspects or worn-out “gurus” you see at nearly every other event…

In fact, there’s a very good chance that you’ve never heard of many of these under-the-radar successes as they’re typically hidden away behind the scenes in their businesses. They’re happier to quietly deploy their sophisticated marketing strategies, sales funnels, traffic tactics and conversion hacks that the rest of the world has yet to know even exist!

And even a few of the “names” you do recognize bring out their most coveted tactics within the exclusive walls of the Underground®.

This year’s full lineup will be announced soon, but here are just a few of the luminaries who’ve been participating attendees at the Underground in the past:

…and many more!

We’ve got an all star line-up planned for this year too. You can check out the Speaker page for our most up-to-date list of Underground 2016 agents, but we’ll let you in on a couple big (BIG!) additions we’ve secured…

This news is so earth-shattering, it just may initiate a Skyfall

Kimbal Musk, brother of renowned entrepreneur, Elon Musk, will be giving our opening keynote address.

Now, you may not know Kimbal as well as you know Elon, but you should.

Here are a few reasons why:

If you’re looking for the business secrets of hugely successful “behind-the-scenes” entrepreneurs, you can’t do better than getting the goods from Kimbal Musk.

And if you think that’s exciting, as our Day 2 Keynote, we’re honored to bring you the one-and-only Brad Feld.

Brad has been an early stage investor and entrepreneur since 1987. His commitment to finding and investing in truly innovative, paradigm-shifting technologies has made him one of the most sought after angel and institutional investors in the world.

Here are just a few of the highlights of his enormously successful career:

Brad is also a co-founder of Techstars, a mentorship driven incubator for high tech startups. Techstars is considered one of the best startup accelerators in the world.

With a resume like that, it’s no wonder people are constantly clamoring for a chance to receive his insight and advice. We are overjoyed to announce that Brad is joining us as our Day 2 Keynote at the Underground Online Seminar ® this year!

And make no mistake:

This year’s stage will be filled with not only “big names” revealing their REAL marketing secrets behind their enormous successes…

…but also with a barrage of covert online entrepreneurs never before seen in the history of Underground.

All of these folks have been quietly perfecting their Digital strategies for years and they (understandably) refuse to share their secret tactics with ANYONE except our uniquely trusted audience within the exclusive, intimate setting of Underground.

We’ll be adding even more incredible recruits over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on the Speaker page as we add more covert operatives to this year’s line-up and REGISTER NOW to get in before tickets are gone for good!

Remember, there are less than 450 tickets available total and they are going fast. VIP tickets are especially limited, with less than 75 VIP perk packages available you need to grab this opportunity before the price blows up!


Countdown until price increase on Sept. 5th

Priceless Connections For Your Eyes Only

Unlike huge industry events that try to service everyone, we’re here exclusively for serious
online entrepreneurs.

Every year, over 50% of the audience (not just the speakers!) has a six, seven or eight-figure+ online business. (Plus, that doesn’t include the 70+ attendees from the exclusive Maverick1000 group we’re part of, each doing a minimum 7-figures in their businesses.)

This focus naturally sets Underground apart as the perfect intimate setting for not only exchanging exclusive tactics, and untapped strategies, but also for truly getting to know legitimately successful business owners…

Just one connection made at Underground could change the course of your business forever.

Just one idea from these “Underground” presenters (or successful neighbor sitting next to you) could easily be worth 10X, 100X or even 1000X your time and effort to be here .

Not only are the presenters at the top of their game – but the Underground always attracts a top-level audience. Here are some stats from an anonymous survey we recently conducted of our attendees:


What is your level of online income per month?

40.5% over 6-figures
10.8% over 7-figures

And that’s our attendees, not just our speakers!

This is your chance to connect with other in-the-trenches marketers who are quietly making a fortune online!

Imagine meeting that one “right” person and what it could do for your business… Will it be a business partner? A mentor? A key team member? An all-star affiliate? The perfect copywriter?

Don’t let the perfect connection your business needs get away simply because you didn’t show up!

Moore Than Ever Before

This year, we aren’t just giving you up-close access to the confidential strategies of stealth entrepreneurs who are quietly moonraking in huge sales numbers, like we always do…

…This time we’re ALSO blowing the cover off what has to occur “underground” within a business to create an Internet Marketing phenom. A model that gives true freedom by focusing on a real growth strategy and not just the up-and-down of the next promotion or launch.

And then we’re delving even deeper underground into the minds of successful entrepreneurs who have overcome adversity in both their business and personal lives to reach unprecedented levels of success.

Not every digital business gets to “live twice” – these are the golden secrets to making sure yours does.

Underground 2016 blows away your business obstacles on 3 separate levels – marketing, business strategy, and the mental game of entrepreneurship.

“If I was running any type of business today that needed to know where the Internet was heading and how I could profit online – I’d make sure me and my marketing team attended the Underground. Not only is the event packed with critical information to apply – but it’s a damn incredible experience!” –

Cameron Herold,
BackPocketCOO and former COO 1-800-Got Junk


(of the Dancing, Gin, and Plot varieties…)

The Underground® has always been known for providing unique and outrageous experiences to go along with the brilliant content. This summit is designed for providing step by step business building strategies, (information you’d be hard-pressed to find published anywhere else,) high quality interactions and unexpected plot twists… NOT sitting around taking notes all day.

At the Underground Online Seminar® you’ll have fun connecting like never before at themed events, a VIP dinner opportunity, a spy party and few other unannounced surprise special events.

It’s all in the interest of shaking things up, getting people out of their business comfort zone, and into a mindset of creativity and shared opportunity…

…so that YOU can make truly meaningful connections that will benefit your life and business for years to come!

The Event Top Digital Entrepreneurs,
Like You, Rave About…

If you ask previous attendees about Underground®, one thing you’ll find is that they ALL leave with great stories to tell.

We know entrepreneurship can sometimes feel more isolating than an undercover assignment in enemy territory. And that’s why this event is all about camaraderie, parties, FUN (and maybe a few martinis) that are second to none.

When it comes to Underground, expect the unexpected.

The Legendary Event Continues…

It’s become one of the top networking and learning events for online entrepreneurs and was named by Forbes as a “Top 10 event for entrepreneurs”.

“The goal of the seminar is to keep attendees ahead of the curve on topics that include gamification, mobile commerce, apps, social media, SEO, and a variety of other digital marketing tactics. This is definitely the conference to go to for up-to-date tech news and trends.”

Underground X saw 450+ attendees gain insights into topics like affiliate marketing, paid content strategies, eCommerce, and much more from real-world experts actually “doing it”…way ahead of the curve.

And the best part is – You’ll walk away with foolproof guides designed to make sure you can apply what you’ve learned for a measurable increase in traffic, sales, and market share as soon as you get home.

But what’s more, right now, and not for much longer

…there are only 75 VIP Tickets available, and they’re going FAST.

These tickets are for entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making the most of this unparalleled opportunity to transform their businesses and connections.

When your successful friends in the industry say, “it’s all about who you know”, they’re talking about the people you’ll meet at Underground…

…so make sure you meet the folks who are really killing it online by going VIP.

On top of the already incredible benefits Underground provides to all attendees and participants, VIP Ticket holders can also expect exclusive access to:

VIP reserved front-row seating

These seats put you front and center so you can easily view and engage with everything happening on stage…

…and it also puts you in the best position for making contact with other VIPs throughout the event.

VIP connection lounge ONLY for Sponsors, Speakers, VIP ticket holders, and Maverick members.

This plush area is the perfect spot to build your network of high-level contacts over coffee and tea throughout the day..

…as well as do some reconnaissance and deal-making with real power players over a martini or two as it transforms to a bar in the after noons.

VIP dinner

This dinner is the envy of entry-level agents each year. Always a swanky affair, the VIP dinner puts you in the close personal company of our esteemed speakers, partners, and our most dedicated and successful agent attendees.

(Keep in mind that all ticket types for this event sell out every year, but because of the limited quantity and HUGE perks, VIP tickets always sell out first…)

Remember: Just one new idea, new contact or new resource from the Underground could be the perfect solution to destroying the “spectres” that stunt the success your business deserves.

See why Underground has been a life-changing event for entrepreneurs for over a decade:

However, we have to warn you…This is Positively NOT For Everybody I’m going to be honest here and let you know there’s a good chance that the Underground® Online Seminar isn’t for you.

Here are some important considerations…

Truth #1

This seminar is NOT cheap – but it’s one of the very best investments you can make in your digital marketing education. Yes, this actually helps consistently draw an extremely high caliber of entrepreneurs, which has led this seminar to become known as one of the best networking events for entrepreneurs in the world! (Actually we use the revenue to put on a totally unique experience and not spare expenses from stage design to unique VIP events.)

In fact every year, we are surprised by how many successful business owners and previous speakers are sitting in the audience, taking notes along with everyone else. We receive feedback every year from attendees who are shocked at how open everyone they meet is to sharing ideas and their growth strategies.

This truly makes Underground® one of THE most exciting & exclusive learning, networking and ‘deal making’ events of the year.

Truth #2

Listen, as we mentioned earlier, the speakers at the Underground® are not professionals. Their speeches are not carefully scripted or polished so if you’re looking for a fancy PowerPoint and a flawless presentation then you’ll want to steer clear.

The presenters are simply going to give it to you straight without a dog and pony show at the end like you’d typically see at other events. That also means there’s usually no ego. You’ll have pretty much complete access to most speakers before and after presentations to ask questions, get clarification and enjoy further instruction.

This is not one of those seminars where speakers vanish into the night when they’re done; most of these guys have agreed to stick around because they truly want to be here.

Plus, each year we go the extra mile to make sure our speakers really lay all their cards on the table with the…

$10,000 Top Underground®
Marketer Award

Just to provide some of the speakers a little more incentive to give you their absolute best and most use-able information – we’ve decided to really go out on a limb!

You’re going to vote for the speaker that gave you the most directly impactful information that you can take straight to the bank.

The winner is going to be named the Top Underground® Speaker of the Year and get a nice trophy. Plus we’re going to put up a $10,000.00 check that goes to their favorite charity.

Now, we can tell you one thing for sure – these guys and gals are super competitive. That means, they are going to go all out trying to outdo one another vying for “the crown” while you sit back and soak it all in.

Truth #3

Each year, several of the speakers ask us to turn off the cameras and the microphones so they can reveal off-the-record information that they don’t want recorded. So although we do record part of the seminar, it will definitely NOT be released to the general public in its entirety.

So, if you plan on waiting for the recordings, please realize they will be heavily edited and censored. That means the only way to get full disclosure is to get here in person!


Let’s cut to the chase. By now you’re probably curious as to how much you’re going to invest to attend this event. Each and every year for the last 10 years the Underground has been sold-out. And with only 450 total tickets, and less than 75 VIP tickets available this year, you need to decide today to join us at Underground: Back In Black.

Countdown until price increase on Sept. 5th

Collectively and conservatively the group we’re assembling brings in a 100+ million in revenue online. (A multiple of that if you consider the keynote speakers.)

If you could pick up just a fraction of a fraction of this knowledge what would that be worth to you? We promise it’s going to be worth 10x – 100x the cost of admission.


We thought about this for a long time. We asked what would be a fair price be for 3-days with the digital trendsetters, out-of-the-box Internet innovators, and the biggest players in the online space?

Collectively and conservatively the group we’ve assembled brings in over hundreds of millions in revenue online.

If you could pick up just a fraction of a fraction of this knowledge what would that be worth to you?

Actually the lowest number our colleagues once suggested was $10,000. And yes, we could charge and get this amount but then it would limit this information to only people who are already doing well and making at least seven-figures online.

We’ve decided to put these at a more reasonable final values of $2,995 for a Standard Ticket and $3495 for a VIP Ticket…

At these investments, it separates those who are serious entrepreneurs
from “wantrepreneurs”.

Still, we understand it might be a stretch for some of you and as we have always been big believers in rewarding decisive action…

As an added incentive to register early we are willing to give you an additional discount today…

SAVE $1000.00!
Early-Bird Standard Ticket: $1,995
(final value $2,995)
Price Increases on Sept. 5th


Early-Bird VIP Ticket: $2,495
(final value $3,495)
Price Increases on Sept. 5th


In fact, this Early Bird discount is so good that when you buy a VIP Ticket right now you get all the exclusive VIP perks** at a better deal than what many others will soon be paying for a “perk-less” Standard Ticket when this discount ends!

Countdown until price increase on Sept. 5th

(** We’re talking about VIP reserved front-row seating, access to mingle over martinis in the otherwise off-limits VIP lounge, and a coveted seat at our intimate VIP dinner, all of which put you in the close personal company of our Speakers, Sponsors, VIP agents, and Mavericks – so don’t wait.)

Don’t get The Living Daylights scared out of you when ticket prices jump up by half a grand soon…

A Few Comments from Previous Underground® Attendees:

“It was at this very event a few years ago, when I spoke, that the idea for Awesomeness Fest was born. And that sparked the idea for Mindvalley Insights, which later would lead to Zentrepreneur.”

Vishen Lakhiani
Founder & CEO of Mindvalley

“It’s one of two things I never ever ever, short of famine, fire or plague ever miss. It is so valuable to my business. The Speakers and presenters are phenomenal.”

Shelby Larson
Founder & Co-Owner

“Really a lot of what you learn from the Underground is what’s going on in the future. The ah-ha moment is just learning from these guys what’s going to happen next and how you can use that knowledge in your business to be ahead of the curve.”

Craig Handley
Craig Listen Up Español, Inc 500 Winner
#1 in Business Services Category

“You get people who are doing very different things and have very different skill sets than the normal Internet experts that you know of or see at the other seminars.”

David Frey

“This conference is a “Must Attend!” if you’re a serious Entrepreneur looking for advanced marketing tactics and world class networking opportunities. I went to Yanik’s 1st Underground Seminar back in 2004 and met a guy that became my business partner. $25 million dollars later, the rest is history. Underground was my introduction to the industry and I have not looked back since!”

Chris Luck
Founder and CEO, Marketers Paradise

Underground Testimonials

Behind The Scenes at Underground Online Seminar

It’s so exciting to work with Yanik to bring Underground Online Seminar ® back to our beloved digital entrepreneur community.

The Underground we’ve planned for you will have more exclusive information, untapped strategies, high-level networking, and incredible “spy” bashes you’ll remember – plus so MUCH MORE.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Dush, Terra, and The Net Momentum Team
(a.k.a Q, the Femme Fatale, and Her Majesty’s Secret Service)